Sage Potato Chips

I love making crispy fried sage. They’re just great on top of grilled steak or even crumbled on hashed browns. Sometimes I just eat them by themselves like potato chips, simply fried in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Sage Chips Photo #7 MyLastBite.comSo when I saw a recipe for “Sage Potato Chips” in Saveur Magazine, I knew I’d have to try it out immediately. The original recipe is by Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and I was totally mesmerized by the accompanying photograph in the magazine. I used the ingredients that I already had in my kitchen, and it was easy and delicious. 

What you need:
Potatoes (I had Russet on hand)
Sage Leaves
Sea Salt

Step 1: Clean and dry sage and potatoes
Sage Chips Photo 1

Step 2: Using a mandolin, make long slices of the potato
Sage Chips Photo 2

Step 3: Make 2 cuts in the center of the potato to hold the sage leaf
Sage Chips Photo 3

Step 4: Heat up oil to 200 degrees and fry each potato slice (without the sage) for ten seconds each then drain
Sage Chips Photo 4

Step 4: After the potato piece cools down a bit, insert one sage leaf into the center cuts. Note: I had BIG sage leaves in my garden and had to adjust the slits so they fit.
Sage Chips Photo 5

Step 5: Raise the oil in the pan to 350 degrees and fry slices again (with the sage leaves inserted) until golden and crispy
Sage Chips Photo 6

Step 6: Season with sea salt and paprika
Sage Chips Photo 8

Dan Barber’s Original Recipe and Photo Here

Sage Potato ChipsMentioned Above:

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15 responses to “Sage Potato Chips

  1. This is a really sharp idea. Well prepared, Jo.

    I never ate a whole sage leaf before my friend Jill made butternut squash ravioli and fried sage leaves in butter until they were crunchy. The sage butter became the sauce, but the sage leaves turned into the main event.

    I knew rosemary paired well with potatoes, but not sage. Now I know. 😉

  2. Edible works of art, I say. I have no doubt they were gorgeous and delicious.

  3. Fried sage rocks! These look amazing!

  4. Jo! I love sage, but here you took it to a whole new level, fried sage… yum!
    These chips look perfectly cooked, seasoned. They’re just beautiful!!!

  5. Marie

    I bet it would look even better if you were to make the cut for the slits at a diagonal …

  6. smallkitchenbigideas

    They look beautiful and I bet they taste great.

  7. yours look even tastier than those in the saveur photo. brava!

  8. Esi

    I was just catching up on Saveur this weekend and bookmarked this recipe. You make it look easy.

  9. shesimmers

    Very creative. The only fancy potato chips I’ve ever attempted to make are those by Martha Stewart. They’re made out of two pieces of mandoline-sliced potato like this sandwiched together with a leaf of parsley, sage, or what have you, in the middle. The end results look somewhat like stained glass windows. It’s a pain in the butt to make. This looks way easier and just as elegant and delicious. Thanks.

  10. cara

    You are a Zen master. Lord, inserting the knife into the razor-thin potato slice. It puts my knitting efforts to shame!

  11. Wow, those turned out great and elegant looking. I gotta try this some time. Perfect way to spruse up a dinner party.

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