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The Bellwether

My new favorite PORK dish.
Check out The Bellwether, in my L.A. Times scouting report!

The Bellwether Scouting Report//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Ceremony (Studio City) Scouting Report for L.A. Times

Fan of the movie, “Chef”? Check out my L.A. Times Food Scouting Report here.

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Pork Love at Cliff’s Edge

Peter and I finally got to Cliff’s Edge (in Silver Lake) to try Chef Vartan Abgaryan‘s cooking last week. We first met Vartan at a local food event, and got to know him better when he volunteered with L.A. Bites Hunger.

Walking into Cliff’s Edge, we were instantly smitten with the romantic, hidden restaurant and still cannot stop talking about the fantastic meal.

In between the poached oysters topped with crispy squid ink  and the salty/sweet caramel custard was, what is now, my very favorite pork dish in Los Angeles.

Suckling Pig dish at Cliff's Edge
Wow. Just WOW! Vartan’s Suckling Pig with Crepinette (pork ball wrapped in caul fat), Pork Loin (right), Pork Belly and savoy cabbage, sweet potato, saison, pork jus.

Suckling Pig at Cliff's Edge
Pork Belly Close-up! Peter called this “Pork Cake”.

Suckling Pig at Cliff's Edge
Pork Loin Close-up!

There were gorgeous vegetables and barbecued octopus too, but I just can’t stop thinking about all the pork love.

My friend Josh Lurie aka @FoodGPS wrote a great piece about the dish here.

All my Cliff’s Edge photos

Cliff’s Edge
3626 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 666-6116

Follow Vartan Abgaryan on twitter

Follow Cliff’s Edge on twitter


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My Own Personal Pig Heaven.

PiGG, Umamicatessen
Beautiful Iberico de bellota crudo (aka raw pork), at PIGG.

Whipped Lardo
“Pork In A Can” Whipped Lardo (cured pork fatback) at PIGG.

Pork Corn & Cone O' Cracklins
Salty, Crispy, Porky Snacks!
Left: Pork Corn! Popcorn, juniper & rosemary
Right: Cone O’ Cracklins w sherry vinegar & sage at PIGG.

Beautiful Pork @ PIGG, UMAMIcatessen
Charcuterie at PIGG. Starting from the top:
1: Burgers Ozark (CA, MO)
2: Finchville (KY)
3. Iberico de Bellota (Spain)
4. Iberico de Bellota paletta (Spain)

PiGG's Pig Ear Salad! Umamicatessen
Pig Ear Salad at PIGG.

Pork liver pâté at Pigg, Umamicatessen
Pork Liver Pâté  at PIGG.

PIGG's Pork Liver Pate Sandwich, UMAMIcatessen
Pork Liver Pâté Sandwich with caramelized onions, arugula at PIGG.

PiGG's Asian Pears & Lardo, Umamicatessen
PiGG’s Asian Pears & Lardo.

PIGG Style Fries w BRAINaise
PIGG Fries w pickled peppers, ham puree & brainaise (aoili made of pig brain).

Country pate Sando. PIGG at UMAMIcatessen
Country Pâté Sandwich at PIGG.

PiGG's Pork Riellette, Umamicatessen
“Pork In A Can” Pork Riellette at PIGG.

PiGG at Umamicatessen
Douglas Rankin (I call him my “pork dealer”) & Chris Cosentino, “Tower of Pig” under construction (opening night).

And YES, there’s so much more than just PIGG
at Adam Fleishman’s UMAMIcatessen. There’s Umami Burger of course, a “kosher-style” deli, a full bar, gourmet coffee, and a donut shop that serves a decadent FOIE GRAS donut! Just think of UMAMIcatessen as an awesome food court, except that you order items from each restaurant off of one menu.

Cheesy Tots, UMAMIcatessen
Cheesy Tots at Umami Burger (on the Secret Menu).

Shrimp Burger @UmamiBurger, Umamicatessen
The Shrimp Burger with Yuzu-Kosho (paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt), Umami Burger. Note: Currently only available at the downtown UMAMIcatessen location.

Umami Burger's Greenbird, Umamicatessen
Greenbird Burger: Spicy turkey, crushed avocado, green cheese, butter lettuce, sprouts, green goddess, at Umami Burger.

Wasabi Potato Salad with Sashimi
Wasabi Potato Salad with Sashimi, Umami Burger.

Sweet Potato Fries, Umamicatessen
Sweet Potato Fries, Umami Burger.

Pastrami @ Umamicatessen
Pastrami Sandwich at the CURE deli.

Matzo ball soup at the CURE, Umamicatessen
Matzo Ball Soup at the CURE deli.

"Micha-Mami" cocktail, Umamicatessen
“Micha-Mami”: Corzo tquila, umami crafter spiced tomato juice, topped with beer with an umami dust rimmed glass at the Back Bar.

"Velvet Mule" cocktail, Umamicatessen
“Velvet Mule”: Beluga vodka, Velvet Falernum, Fresh lime juice, ginger beer and dash of Angostura bitters at the Back Bar.

Tres Leches Donut, UMAMIcatessen
Tres Leches, Cajeta, Ceylon Cinnamon (cake). Donuts are fried-to-order at “& A Donut”.

Foie Gras Doughnut
FG&J, Foie Gras Doughnut: Foie Gras Mousse, Robert Lambert’s Forrest Berry Jam at “& A Donut”.

852 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA, 90014

(213) 413-8626
MENU (pdf)

About UMAMIcatessen in L.A. Times

About Adam Fleischman

More about Chris Cosentino at L.A. Times Food

Jonathan Gold writes about the Foie Gras Doughnut

Caroline on Crack writes about the Back Bar

EstarLA writes about Bar Bites


PIGG_LA on Twitter
Chris Cosentino on Twitter
Umami Burger on Twitter
Doug Rankin on Twitter
Spring for Coffee on Twitter

More UMAMIcatessen Photos

My Umami Burger Photos

Photos above from three visits. Dishes shared with Peter, Akasha, Alan, Debbie, Julie, Dan and Stephane.

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Un Petit Porc

Chef Ludo PLUS Pork, for one night only? No chance I was going to miss this dinner!

Photos from Chef Ludo’s “Un Petit Porc” (read about here)

Un Petit Porc Menu
Menu (each table was given all four sides, served family style)

Ludo's Porchetta
Ludo’s porchetta… just out of the oven!

Ludo's Porchetta
Ludo’s Porchetta

Burnt Potatoes, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Burnt Potatoes

Porchetta, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Porchetta Sandwich at our table

Broccolini, Kale, Garlic Confit & Red Chili Flakes at Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Greens: Broccolini, Kale, Garlic Confit & Red Chili Flakes

White Bean, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
White Beans

Cheesy Polenta, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Cheesy Polenta

Porchetta & Jus, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Pork Jus

Roasted Apple & Vanilla Ice Cream, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Roasted Apple & Vanilla Ice Cream

Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc
Wine (Thanks Lisa & Dave!)

CARNAGE... after Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
We loved it… we really, really LOVED it!

Mike & Ludo
Mike (Gram & Papas owner) & Ludo

Porchetta, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
Obviously… so worth the wait!

Porchetta, Chef Ludo's Un Petit Porc Dinner
front window

Event Date: 12/19/11
Read about the event on Eater L.A. 

Chef Ludo Lefebvre
Ludo’s website
follow @ChefLudo on twitter (for info on upcoming events, dinners)

Location: Gram and Papas
227 E 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 624-7272
follow @gramandpapas on twitter

How to make porchetta by Serious Eats (slideshow)

Un Petit Porc Logo


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Pressed Belly Of Pork

How to make Gordon Ramsay’s Pressed Belly of Pork.

Watch this video (a short clip from his show, the F Word).

Shop for the ingredients (per video recipe)
Pork Belly
White Wine (1 bottle)
Chicken Stock (1 cup)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

Then follow these next steps:

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Beautiful Pork Belly from Lindy & Grundy

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Score the pork belly, season with salt & pepper then drizzle with olive oil
Add garlic & thyme to pan, resting the scored pork belly on top
Pour about 1/2 bottle of wine around the belly
Cover with foil
Cook for 2 hours in oven

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Remove pork from baking pan

Pressed Belly Of Pork (making the sauce)
Make the gravy by first deglazing with the rest of the white wine
Reduce, add chicken stock, reduce again then sieve into bowl
Cover and put gravy in fridge

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Get two trays (I used two glass pans) and press together

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Weigh down with heavy cans, or use foil-covered bricks
Cold-press in fridge for at least 6 hours

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Remove weights and top pan (carefully)

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Cut into portions
Preheat oven to 500 degrees

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Cook for 10 minutes or until crisped to your liking
Warm the gravy

Pressed Belly Of Pork
Gordon Ramsay’s Pressed Belly of Pork… DONE!

About Gordon Ramsay’s F Word

Follow Gordon Ramsay on Twitter

Lindy and Grundy Butchers

Follow Lindy & Grundy on Twitter


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Al Pastor @ Tacos Leo

Because my (Mexican Food Expert) friend @StreetGourmetLA says so!

“Tacos Leo, located in the Union 76 parking lot at La Brea Bl. and Venice Bl. is an authentic representation of al pastor in Los Angeles, and the only one I’ve encountered that has a true specialist.” ~ Bill Esparza (aka “Street Gourmet L.A.”)

Peter and I are now Tacos Leo regulars!

Tacos Leos
Tacos Leo’s marinated & stacked pork on the trompo (aka spit).
Al pastor literally means “shepherd’s-style tacos”.

Al Pastor @ Tacos Leo
Fresh, juicy pineapple is sliced onto the shaved pork before serving…

Al Pastor @ Tacos Leo
YES… so worth the wait!

Tacos Leos
Now we are ready for the condiment station… but these taste great on their own too.

Tacos Leos
Choose from salsa roja, salsa verde, radishes, cilantro, pickled vegetables, jalapenos & more…

Tacos Leos
$1 taco never tasted so good!

Tacos Leos
Yes… that’s right… only $1 each!

Al Pastor @ Tacos Leo“These tacos are the real deal, and the first tacos al pastor in Los Angeles that warrant a special trip.” ~ Bill Esparza (Read all about authentic al pastor at Bill’s blog, Street Gourmet L.A.)

Tacos Leo on SeriousEats

Photos of many adventures with Bill (Street Gourmet L.A.)

Tacos Leo shared with (so far) Peter, Julie, Hanh, Brent, Remil, Greg, Lindsay & of course Bill!

Tacos Leo
Located at Venice & La Brea Blvd.
Sun-Thurs 5pm-2am
Fri-Sat 5pm-3am
Look for the 76 Gas Station Sign!
Note: Try to come on Fri, Sat or Sun when the trompo (aka spit) is out of the truck!

Follow @StreetGourmetLA on twitter


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